Haldwani is a developing city, located in the foothill of Himalayas, in the district Nainital of State Uttarakhand. Haldwani is also called as “The Gateway of Kamoun”. It is the third most populous city of Uttarakhand. It is a largest business hub in Uttarakhand. Previously, the Haldwani is known as Haldu vani that actually mean “ forest of Haldu” which is derived after the tree named “Haldu”. Prior to deforestation for the purpose of agriculture and settlement Haldu often referred to as “Kadamb”, found in a large number.
Because of large number of population, Haldwani is divided in various sub areas like Kusumkhera, Unchapul, Golapaar, Dhan-mill, Mukhani, Tikonia, etc.
Gardner was appointed as the Commissioner of Kamoun In 1816, after the British conquered Gorkhas. Afterward George William Trial accepted as Commissioner and renamed Halduvani as Haldwani. However according to British records the place was established in 1834, as a stoppage place for people be the guest of Himalayan foothills (Bhabhar) region, during winters.
Haldwani is one of the largest market for fruits, vegetables and food grain market of Kamoun. It is considered as a commercial hub.

Nearby Places :
Kathgodaml – 8 kms, Jeolikote – 24 kms, Pantnagar – 26 kms.

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