Ramnagar (रामनगर) is the gateway to the Jim Corbett National Park (जिम कॉर्बेट नेशनल पार्क), the oldest national park and a famous tourist destination of India. Garjiya Devi Temple (गर्जिया देवी मंदिर) and Seeta Bani Temple (सीताबनी मंदिर) located nearby also attract many visitors.

The ancient name of the place was Ahichhatra the capital of Northern Panchala of Mahabharata times. The town was re-established and settled by Commissioner H. Ramsay in 1856–1884. During the British Rule tea gardens were developed in Ramnagar and nearby villages in Uttarakhand. But these tea gardens have been closed since a long time. The nearby Jim Corbett National Park is named after the hunter turned conservationist Jim Corbett who played a key role in its establishment. It is the oldest national park in India and attracts lots of tourists from India and other countries.

Corbett park was Originally named as ‘Hailey National Park’ and then as ‘Ramganga National Park’, established in 1936, is one of the oldest national parks in India. In 1957, this park was renamed as Jim Corbett National Park after the name of the famous hunter turned conservationist James E. Corbett.

Jim Corbett was a conservationist who believed in the conservation of wildlife especially the tiger species. Covering an area of 1318.54 sq. km, This Park is also distinguished for “save the tigers” project or most commonly known as “Project tiger”.

The Corbett national park covering an area of 521 Sq. Kms. is situated at the foothills of the Himalayas. It spreads over parts of two districts, a major part of park with an area of 312.86 sq. Kms. falls in Pauri Garhwal district and the balance 208.14 sq. Kms. in Nainital district. The park occupies portions of Kalagarh (कालागढ़) and Ramnagar (रामनगर) forest divisions .It falls within the trek of land known as Paltidun.

What to SEE :
Corbett Museum, Sitabani Reserve Forest, Garjia Temple

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What to DO :
Elephant Safari, Jeep Safari, Angling, Leisure.

Nearby Places :
Garjia Temple(5kms), Corbett Waterfall(25kms), Corbett Museum(25kms).

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