The Haidakhan Ashram covers a quite big area including three different levels, the main Ashram, Fakirabad and the Gufa Side. This upper plan shows the upper floor, where You arrive and where the office, the main temple and most of the rooms are located. There are also 5 guest houses and the Bhakti Bhandar Shop , the main temple, the Italian temple and Sri Babaji‘s Kutir (room) and the Sri Baba Research Hospital where both Ashram visitors and local people are treated.

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Ringed by the seven hills Nainital (नैनीताल) lies the enchanting and sacred Naini lake. Named after the legend proclaiming that the left eye of Parvati, consort of the Lord Shiva fell here, this is where the Naina Devi Temple now stands. Nainital is…

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