• Gmail with other Google products & fb are banned in China, because they didn’t fulfill the norms of Chinese government.
• in Singapore, you will have to pay penalty, if you spit in public places and chewing gum also is banned.
• in some townships, societies do not allow keeping animals as pets, to families who live there.
• According to HC – in Shimla, you can’t purchase a vehicle, if you don’t owned parking space.
Indian political scenario, for approx 2 years, according to our 4th pillar of Democracy, only all this is happening in India – “Saffron Terror”, “Beef”, “Intolerance”, “Fake Encounters”, “Community Harassment”, “Secularism is in danger”, “Suicides” & nowadays hot issue “Circumstances worse than Emergency”.​​
Everywhere, Everybody (Media, Industries, Communities/Peoples/ Societies etc) does that (as per their capability), what they want to do. Then, why should not government have to execute his agenda, while he is most powerful entity among all.

P.S. Read in the sequence of [A], [C] ,[B] / [C], [A], [B] or the sequence as above, as per your convenience.