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Banks in Nainital District

Bank NameLocationPhone
Allahabad BankBhimtal248501
Allahabad BankHaldwani220960
Allahabad BankMallital, Nainital

Allahabad BankRamnagar

Allahabad BankPirumadara , Ramnagar251142
Allahabad BankKaladhungi Raod, Haldwani260199
Andhra BankThandi Sadak, Bhotia Parao, Haldwani281218
Axis BankMallital, Nainital
Axis BankHaldwani
Axis BankDurga City Center,Haldwani
Axis BankRamnagar
Bank Of BarodaBhowali, Nainital8958700052
Bank Of BarodaDSB Campus, Nainital236562
Bank Of BarodaVikash Bhawan, Bhimtal248314
Bank Of BarodaChorgalia214295
Bank Of BarodaNew Mandi, Haldwani246202
Bank Of BarodaKaladhungi Road225116
Bank Of BarodaKunwarpur, Haldwani240219
Bank Of BarodaHaldwani220734
Bank Of BarodaKaladhungi242225
Bank Of BarodaKamola, Kotabag287114
Bank Of BarodaKotabag285025
Bank Of BarodaKhanasyu, Okhalkanda8477009551
Bank Of BarodaPatlot, Okhalkanda212100
Bank Of BarodaOkhalkanda243310
Bank Of BarodaMajhera Kherna245787
Bank Of BarodaBetalghat241608
Bank Of BarodaRamnagar251449
Bank Of BarodaTalla Ramgarh8477009647
Bank Of BarodaChurigarh, Dhari, Nainital214295
Bank Of BarodaDhari Road, Dhanachuli

Bank Of BarodaBhotiya Parao222628
Bank Of BarodaHalduchaur8958700053
Bank Of BarodaAzad Nagar, Haldwani250009
Bank Of BarodaNainital236285
Bank Of BarodaLohariyasaal, Haldwani8958700038
Bank Of BarodaKathgodam266113
Bank Of BarodaRampur Road, Haldwani234270
Bank Of BarodaMangal Parao, Haldwani8477009559
Bank Of BarodaPatel Chok, Haldwani250071
Bank Of IndiaRamnagar251076
Bank Of IndiaHaldwani
Bank Of IndiaMallital, Nainital239399
Canara BankMallital, Nainital232181
Canara BankRamnagar254956
Canara BankMukhani, Haldwani260377
Canara BankKathgodam, Haldwani266611
Canara BankHaldwani
Canara BankNainital233320
Central Bank Of IndiaGarampani245526
Central Bank Of IndiaRamnagar251422
Central Bank Of IndiaHaldwani254221
Corporation BankJassa Ganja, Ramnagar
Corporation BankRamnagar
Corporation BankBareilly Road, Haldwani
Corporation BankKaladhungi Road, Haldwani
Dena BankOpp. M.G. Inter College,Barielly Road,Haldwani210488
H.D.F.C. BankMall Road, Nainital233797
H.D.F.C. BankHaldwani
H.D.F.C. BankRamnagar252621
ICICI BankKaladhungi Road, Haldwani
ICICI BankTikonia, Haldwani
ICICI BankRamnagar
ICICI BankMall Road, Tallital, Nainital
IDBI BankJagatpur, Haldwani240004
IDBI BankKamalua Ganja, Haldwani238600
IDBI BankMallital, Nainital236228
IDBI BankBhimtal248129
IDBI BankChorgalia Road,Khera (Golapar),Haldwani240222
IDBI BankDurga City Center, Bhotia Parao, Haldwani285601
Indian BankBara Bazar, Mallital, Nainital
Indian BankNear New Mandi, Bareilly Road, Haldwani
Indian Overseas BankNear Gangola Chemist, Tallital, Nainital237511
Indian Overseas BankRamnagar252600
Indian Overseas BankBarielly Road, Mangal Parao,Haldwani251647
Nainital BankTallital, Nainital235414
Nainital BankMall Road, Nainital235754

Nainital BankHimmatpur Malla,Haldwani260341
Nainital BankArjunpur, Haldwani232111
Nainital BankRampur Road, Haldwani234440
Nainital BankLalkuan268024
Nainital BankM.B. Degree College, Haldwani225769
Nainital BankKaladhungi Road, Haldwani263008
Nainital BankRailway Bazar, Haldwani251499
Nainital BankRamnagar
Nainital BankBail Parao, Ramnagar
Nainital BankPaharpani, Dhari
Nainital BankMalla Ramgarh
Nainital BankBhowali,Nainital220086
Nainital BankBhimtal247037
Nainital BankNainital Road, Ranibagh, Haldwani267589
Nainital District Co-Operative BankBetalghat8192903208
Nainital District Co-Operative BankGarampani8192903207
Nainital District Co-Operative BankKhanshu, Okhalkanda8192903209
Nainital District Co-Operative BankDholigaon, Okhalkanda8192903213
Nainital District Co-Operative BankMaldhaunchaur, Ramnagar8192903229
Nainital District Co-Operative BankKashipur Road, Peerumadara, Ramnagar8192903228
Nainital District Co-Operative BankPaith Parao, Ramnagar8192903226
IDBI BankRamnagar252373
IDBI BankDamuadunga, Kathgodam, Haldwani228833
Nainital District Co-Operative BankRamnagar8192903227

Nainital District Co-Operative BankRamnagar Road, Bailparao, Ramnagar8192903224
Nainital District Co-Operative BankKaladhungi8192903223
Nainital District Co-Operative BankKotabag

Nainital District Co-Operative BankSuyalbari,Ramgarh8192903535
Nainital District Co-Operative BankNathuwakhan, Ramgarh8192903217
Nainital District Co-Operative BankRamgarh8192903216

Nainital District Co-Operative BankBhimtal Extention8192903215
Nainital District Co-Operative BankBhowali,Nainital8192903206
Nainital District Co-Operative BankBhimtal8192903214
Nainital District Co-Operative BankNainital8192903205
Nainital District Co-Operative BankKunwarpur(Golapar),Haldwani
Nainital District Co-Operative BankDo Naharia, Haldwani8057788882
Nainital District Co-Operative BankKathgharia8192900096
Nainital District Co-Operative BankTransport Nagar8192903204
Nainital District Co-Operative BankMandi8192903201
Nainital District Co-Operative BankRamnagar Road,Pili Kothi, Haldwani
Nainital District Co-Operative BankHalduchaur8192903203
Nainital District Co-Operative BankChorgalia8192903230
Nainital District Co-Operative BankHaldwani8475872999
Nainital District Co-Operative Bank Ltd.Dhari8192903211
Nainital District Co-Operative Bank Ltd.Paharpani, Dhari8192903210
Nainital District Co-Operative Bank Ltd.Kasialekh, Dhari8192903212
Oriental Bank Of CommerceMallital, Nainital231233
Oriental Bank Of CommerceKusumkhera, Haldwani260276
Oriental Bank Of CommerceBarielly Road, Haldwani245042
Oriental Bank Of CommerceHaldwani225237
Oriental Bank Of CommerceRamnagar253426
Punjab & Sind BankMall Road, Nainital235190
Punjab & Sind BankRamnagar251224
Punjab & Sind BankHaldwani220516
Punjab National BankCantt, Haldwani
Punjab National BankKathgodam266125
Punjab National BankBhowali, Nainital220088
Punjab National BankTallital, Nainital235604
Punjab National BankKania, Ramnagar251142
Punjab National BankRamnagar251042
Punjab National BankAwalakot, Kotabag
Punjab National BankBhimtal248148
Punjab National BankBara Bazar,Mallital, Nainital235714
Punjab National BankDhari Road, Padampuri246015
Punjab National BankLalkuan
Punjab National BankRailway Bazar,Haldwani250197
Punjab National BankNainital Road, Haldwani283016
Punjab National BankMukhani, Haldwani9411102043
Punjab National BankDevla Malla, Haldwani8171997751
Punjab National BankDela Chatur Singh, Haldwani8171997751
Punjab National BankHaripur Nayak, Haldwani260350
State Bank of IndiaHigh Court, Nainital233523
State Bank of IndiaKaladhungi242006
State Bank of IndiaKotabag285464
State Bank of IndiaJyolikote, Nainital224011
State Bank of IndiaGarampani (Dhanikot)245507
State Bank of IndiaLakhanpur, Ramnagar251090
State Bank of IndiaBail Parao, Ramnagar286004
State Bank of IndiaRanikhet Road, Ramnagar253800
State Bank of IndiaDhikuli, Ramnagar284285
State Bank of IndiaPeerumadara, Ramnagar282011
State Bank of IndiaRamnagar251337
State Bank of IndiaMukteshwar286488
State Bank of IndiaDhari, Nainital8192900086
State Bank of IndiaMangal Parao, Haldwani250533
State Bank of IndiaTransport Nagar, Haldwani234190
State Bank of IndiaRanibagh, Haldwani244227
State Bank of IndiaBhowali, Nainital220030
State Bank of IndiaBhimtal247108
State Bank of IndiaHaldwani280094
State Bank of IndiaState Bank Of India , Haldwani280094
State Bank of IndiaTallital , Nainital235579
State Bank of IndiaMallital , Nainital235087
Syndicate BankKaladhungi Road, Mukhani, Haldwani9411113684
Syndicate BankRamnagar252343
Syndicate BankMallital, Nainital236224
UCO BankRamnagar251099
UCO BankHaldwani251051
UCO BankMallital, Nainital236640
Union Bank Of IndiaNear Royal Hotel, Mallital, Nainital232781
Union Bank Of IndiaNainital Road,Haldwani266188
Union Bank Of IndiaRampur Road, Haldwani234134
Union Bank Of IndiaBarielly Road, Haldwani245522
Union Bank Of IndiaRamnagar Road, Kusumkhera, Haldwani260843
Union Bank Of IndiaHaldwani254357
Union Bank Of IndiaHaldwani
Uttarakhand Gramin BankBetalghat241611
Uttarakhand Gramin BankBajaunia Haldu, Kotabag9410116636
Uttarakhand Gramin BankKaladhungi242030
Uttarakhand Gramin BankTanda Mallu253858
Uttarakhand Gramin BankMaldhan, Ramnagar211282
Uttarakhand Gramin BankChhoii, Ramnagar280102
Uttarakhand Gramin BankRamnagar251858
Uttarakhand Gramin BankBheedapani, Okhalkanda215065
Uttarakhand Gramin BankChandhi Chowk Ghurdauraha9410187949
Uttarakhand Gramin BankKusumkhera260161
Uttarakhand Gramin BankKamluaganja238033
Uttarakhand Gramin BankBanbhool Pura250218
Uttarakhand Gramin BankTalli Bamori282080
Uttarakhand Gramin BankCharayal Naya9219403331
Uttarakhand Gramin BankLalkuan9219407780
Uttarakhand Gramin BankTeen Pani232345
Uttarakhand Gramin BankKathgodam266023
Uttarakhand Gramin BankUnchapul, Haldwani260522
Uttarakhand Gramin BankMauna, Ramgarh9536236366
Uttarakhand Gramin BankDhanachuli, Dhari246069
Uttarakhand Gramin BankDamua Dhunga, Haldwan280044
Uttarakhand Gramin BankSuyalbadi, Ramgarh283315
Uttarakhand Gramin BankBhatelia,Dhari286235
Uttarakhand Gramin BankNauthwakhan, Ramgarh285503
Uttarakhand Gramin BankFatehpur, Haldwani238244
Uttarakhand Gramin BankMotahaldu232514
Uttarakhand Gramin BankDevalchaur234910
Uttarakhand Gramin BankDaulatpur240001
Uttarakhand Gramin BankHaldwani

Uttarakhand Gramin BankPilikothi9411376976
Uttarakhand Gramin BankKhurpatal, Kaladhungi Road via Nainital240185
Uttarakhand Gramin BankBithoriya No 17467808411
Uttarakhand Gramin BankNaukuchiyatal, Nainital247137

Uttarakhand Gramin BankBhowali, Nainital220379
Uttarakhand Gramin BankBelwakhan, Nainital224591
Uttarakhand Gramin BankBhimtal

Uttarakhand Gramin BankMallital, Nainital236293
Vijaya BankMallital, Nainital235680
Vijaya BankHaldwani284856
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