Travel Tips

Mall Road Traffic Rules:
During May, June, and October, heavy traffic is not allowed on Mall Road from 8 AM to 10.30 AM and 2.30 PM to 10.30 PM. Light vehicles are restricted from 6.00 PM to 10.00 PM, and cycle rickshaws are not allowed from 6.30 PM to 9.30 PM.

Lake Bridge Tax:
A toll tax is levied by the municipality on vehicles entering Nainital town. It is charged at Tallital for vehicles entering from Haldwani/Bhowali, while at Sukhatal for those coming from Kaladhungi.

During summer and autumn, vehicle parking on Mall Road is limited. However, parking is available in the flats (Mallital), taxi stand, Tallital, and KMVN parking at Sukhatal. Some hotels also provide parking facilities for their customers.

Winter in Nainital begins in late October and lasts until late March. December and January are extremely cold, with the possibility of snowfall. The most pleasant time to visit Nainital is between April to mid-June and October. Heavy rainfall occurs from late June to September.

Heavy woollens are necessary during winter, while light woollens are suitable for summer. Raincoats and umbrellas are a must during the rainy season.

What to Purchase:
Decorative wax candles, wooden sticks, and items made of pine seeds are popular purchases.

Driving Rules:
To ensure safety while driving in Nainital, please follow these guidelines:

  • Do not drive under the influence of alcohol.
  • Use your horn on road bends.
  • Do not play tape recorders or radio inside a running vehicle.
  • Do not wear chappals while driving.
  • Do not overload vehicles.
  • Give way to uphill vehicles when driving downhill.
  • Keep a first aid box inside the vehicle.
  • Do not overtake without permission from the vehicle in front. Never overtake an overtaking vehicle.
  • Report any drunk drivers to the nearest police station or transport authority.
  • Do not allow unauthorized or minor persons to drive a vehicle.
  • Give way to uphill vehicles.
  • Do not drive fast.